Welcome. Here are my current AI projects:

     MyAgent.rb - Used as a framework to bootstrap the other bots on this page.
         MyAgent.zip. MyBot.rb. TestMyAgent.rb. TestMyBot.rb. MyBotd.rb.

     wnbot - provides a customizable natural language interface to Wordnet.
         wnbot.zip. README.

     logicagent.rb - provides a natural language interface to graph.rb.
       testlogicagentbot.rb, testlogicagent.rb, testgraph.rb. API: logicagent-api.yaml. README README2 index.html

     alice.rb - ALICE agent. Put this file, alicebot.rb, and aliced.rb in the ProgramD/bin directory.
         alice.zip; testalicebot.rb

     megahal.rb - MegaHAL agent. Put megahal.rb, megahalbot.rb, and megahald.rb in the MegaHAL directory.

     link.rb, linkbot.rb, linkbot-api.yaml, linkbotd.rb, linkd.rb - the files that make up the Link grammar agent.
       Put these five files in the link41b directory.

     montylingua.rb, montybot.rb, montybot-api.yaml, montybotd.rb, testmontybot.rb, MontyLingua2.py
       The MontyLingua grammar agent.ut these files in the MontyLingua-2.1\python directory.

     isragent.rb, isrbot.rb, isragent-api.yaml, isrbotd.rb - Tries to make In Soviet Russia jokes.
       Tests: testisragent.rb, testisrbot.rb. Needs the Link grammar agent.

     controller - the top-level loop that sends input to agents and chooses a response
         controller.zip; irc version: redturnip-controlbot.zip

     Dhammapada agent

     TODO agent

     FAQ agent

     Calculator agent

     Balance Sheet agent

     K5 agent



controlbot.zip (~50MB): Stand-alone bot with 24 agents.
Needs Ruby. To run all the agents, needs Java (for the ALICE agent), Python (for MontyLingua, wikipedia, calculator), PHP (for translator agent), WordNet, MegaHAL.