Welcome. Here are my current AI projects:

     MyAgent.rb - Used as a framework to bootstrap the other bots on this page.
         MyAgent.zip. MyBot.rb. TestMyAgent.rb. TestMyBot.rb. MyBotd.rb.

     wnbot - provides a customizable natural language interface to Wordnet.
         wnbot.zip. README.

     logicagent.rb - provides a natural language interface to graph.rb.
       testlogicagentbot.rb, testlogicagent.rb, testgraph.rb. API: logicagent-api.yaml. README README2 index.html

     alice.rb - ALICE agent. Put this file, alicebot.rb, and aliced.rb in the ProgramD/bin directory.
         alice.zip; testalicebot.rb

     megahal.rb - MegaHAL agent. Put megahal.rb, megahalbot.rb, and megahald.rb in the MegaHAL directory.

     link.rb, linkbot.rb, linkbot-api.yaml, linkbotd.rb, linkd.rb - the files that make up the Link grammar agent.
       Put these five files in the link41b directory.

     montylingua.rb, montybot.rb, montybot-api.yaml, montybotd.rb, testmontybot.rb, MontyLingua2.py
       The MontyLingua grammar agent.ut these files in the MontyLingua-2.1\python directory.

     isragent.rb, isrbot.rb, isragent-api.yaml, isrbotd.rb - Tries to make In Soviet Russia jokes.
       Tests: testisragent.rb, testisrbot.rb. Needs the Link grammar agent.

     controller - the top-level loop that sends input to agents and chooses a response
         controller.zip; irc version: redturnip-controlbot.zip

     Dhammapada agent

     TODO agent

     FAQ agent

     Calculator agent



controlbot.zip (~50MB): Stand-alone bot with 24 agents.
Needs Ruby. To run all the agents, needs Java (for the ALICE agent), Python (for MontyLingua, wikipedia, calculator), PHP (for translator agent), WordNet, MegaHAL.

To chat with the bot, please go to freenode's webchat (or use your own client) and join channel #subbot.